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#BLM allyship: a resource guide

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It’s 2020 right now, but it doesn’t feel like it. This is not how I thought 2020 would be when I was younger. It’s messy, racist, unfair and bigoted. And it needs to end. We are all human, we are brothers and sisters, and we need to start acting like it.

There are so many things …

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the apps i can’t live without

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Apps make your life exponentially easier. I have never been the type of girl you could keep a physical calendar. I have tried soooo many times. I want to be the girl who bullet journals and uses multicolored pens and highlighters to keep track of everything and throw my cute little book into my bag. IT JUST AINT …

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must-go spots: Nashville

So, you booked a trip to Nashville! After booking your flight and all things like that, you need to think about what you’ll actually do there. I love Nashville, I’ve been a few times and wanted to share with you a few of my favorite spots. From where to get amazing pulled pork, to a strong drink, to which …

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