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the apps i can’t live without

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Apps make your life exponentially easier. I have never been the type of girl you could keep a physical calendar. I have tried soooo many times. I want to be the girl who bullet journals and uses multicolored pens and highlighters to keep track of everything and throw my cute little book into my bag. IT JUST AINT …

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It’s a work week morning. You stayed up a little too late looking at memes or scrolling through IG and you just can’t spring out of bed.. If you’re like me and you hit the snooze button a few times too many.. (i know, i know, i’m working on it, ok!!) you need a quick routine in the …

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my favorite hair masks

Throughout my life, like i’m sure many of you, I have had lots of different hair colors, cuts and styles. I love to experiment and change up my look, but unfortunately it isn’t that great for my hair. After years of trying to get my hair the perfect shade of blonde, my strands are SUFFERING. Here are the masks …

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my all-time favorite face masks

Finding the perfect face mask is like finding the perfect song. It’s relaxing, enjoyable and makes you feel your best. Everyone’s skin is different – so you want to make sure you’re getting something that will actually make a different in your skin before you open your wallet and splurge. Here’s a list of all my favorite masks that have actually worked for me (trust me, I try EVERY mask I can get my hands on) and will be worth every penny.

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